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We offer a range of complementary services to support the traditional supply of physical products that ensures and guarantees the satisfaction of our customers. These services include: haulage, stock monitoring and management, information services and consultancy. At InterActive Energy we maintain a high service element to our business, extending our range of value added services to the little things that our customers care about. In this way, we are able to secure a high level of repeat business. Customer loyalty is vital to our profitable growth.

Supply and Trading – This involves the trading of refined petroleum products to oil major marketers and independent oil marketers; we trade crude to refiners locally and internationally. Our target market are the oil majors - Mobil, Total, MRS, Oando, Forte Oil, Conoil, etc.), as well as the foremost independent oil marketing companies, such as - Sahara, Nipco, Yinka Folawiyo, etc.  These companies have the capacity to consume above 100,000MT of various petroleum products on a monthly basis and IInterActive Energy Limited would leverage on it’s industry contacts to avail itself of the opportunity to get contracts and local purchase orders and equally secure the requisite financing for the trade.

Retail and Marketing - Basically the retail and distribution of petroleum products to a target market with the capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 MT of various grades of refined petroleum products on a weekly basis. InterActive Energy Limited works with reputable tank farm owners to secure throughput agreements for the storage and sale of products purchased. The retail end of the business accounts for over 55% of the nation’s daily consumption. InterActive Energy is actively planning to explore the possibility of investing in storage tanks, service stations and trucks in the medium term in order to reduce operational costs and have a firm grip on this market

Marine Services and Equipment - We provide Barges, Tugboats, Anchor Handling vessels, Crew Boats and modern supply vessels to provide specialised and general services in support of operations in the oil and gas industry. Supporting the oil and gas industry in the quest to find and develop new offshore energy resources. In addition to transporting drilling materials, supplies and personnel to offshore facilities, we move and position drilling structures. With a modern and technologically advanced fleet, we provide a full range of services, even in the most difficult terrains.

Distribution Planning & Storage - We have immense experience in business process re-engineering to achieve notional and perceived expectations of business owners and managers. We are very vast in Just In Time (JIT) production methodology for manufacturers and deployment of a scientific LIFO or FIFO for  material and finished goods and products. We optimise business operations using applicable tools for the job. Goods and products flow daily from suppliers to manufacturers, manufacturers to distributors and finally, from distributors to customers. It is very important to plan, implement and control the effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information efficiently from their point of origin to the point of consumption for the purpose of satisfying customer requirements.

Trucking – InterActive Energy Limited has access to well-maintained heavy-duty trucks, which are readily available to transport products to every part of the country. Our trucks have sophisticated tracking/monitoring systems which enable us gain vital information of their location and condition at any given time. Our drivers and assistants are well trained and they understand basic mechanical and electrical aspects of their vehicles. All our trucks carry valid goods-in-transit insurance (GIT).

Distinctive Competencies –

The distinctive competencies for InterActive Energy are:

  • Local presence and global contacts in major financial, insurance, oil and gas.
  • Core competencies in financial management, marketing, strategy, consulting, and communication;
  • Large company skills set adaptable to small business experience.